Why Flax?

Powerful nutrition that’s easy to eat

The Possibilities Are Endless

With our roasted flaxseed products, it is easy to add more omega 3 fatty acids, plant-based protein and fibre to your diet. Kick off your day with two tablespoons, or add it to recipes throughout the day.

  1. Add to porridge
  2. Add to cold cereals possibility icon
  3. Mix into yogurt
  4. Blend into a smoothie
  5. Sprinkle over fruit
  6. Bake into a muffin possibility icon
  7. Bake into your favourite bread recipe
  8. Mix it with peanut butter possibility icon
  9. Add it to pancake mix
  10. Add to scrambled eggs possibility icon
  11. Top your salad possibility icon
  12. Top your breadsticks or pretzels
  13. Mix into a Tzatziki dip possibility icon
  14. Roll your sushi in it
  15. Top your stir-fry
  16. Coat your chicken possibility icon
  17. Mix in a salad dressing
  18. Add to a casserole or stew
  19. Blend into soups possibility icon
  20. Add to rice, barley or quinoa
  21. Knead into butter/cream cheese possibility icon
  22. Mix into a cookie dough
  23. Coat your cheese ball
  24. Enjoy it with a plain glass of water possibility icon
  25. Mix into ice cream possibility icon
  26. Top your favourite dessert
  27. Make a two minute flax seed mug possibility icon
  28. Prepare a flaxseed bar
  29. Add to rice crispy bars
  30. Drink in a fruit juice possibility icon

Golden Roasted Flax Seed

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